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CEO Message

Manager of Henza Co.

Zhivar Sanat Kanyar Co. was established in 1391 in order to render assistance to the construction industry and development of our dear country, Iran, with respect to the principles and international standards such as quality, safety and environmental sustainability. This has been achieved by continuous effort and perseverance of our young workforce by whom the company has succeeded in the field of manufacture and installation of steel structures since the commencement of its operational activities. By satisfying the employers, our company has taken a worthy place among large and leading companies in the field.

Zhivar Sanat Kanyar Co. is a customer oriented company which benefits from skilled experts, advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment and machineries. The company is able to adhere to its contractual obligations and finishes all its projects with consideration of international standards in a timely manner. 

Undoubtedly, one of the most important long-term goals of the company’s managers is to provide jobs and services which leads to progress and prosperity of our dear country, Iran. This would not be accomplished without using qualified, competent, caring and committed personnel as well as paying attention to customers’ demand and satisfying employers.

We hope that our company, with seriousness and perseverance of managers and workforce, continues its activities with honor in national and international arena as a reputable brand in the construction industry.


Arash Nazemi