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Char-Soo Bazar

Char-soo Bazaar is one the most modern and newest technological Bazaar in Tehran which is located in Jomhouri Street near Hafiz Bridge aiming to change the business condition and provide services to the guild of audio-visual equipment, home appliances and mobile phones and computers. The 15-store building has six parking floors with a capacity of 200 cars per floor, 6 business class floors with a capacity of about 60 units and also 5 cinema halls with a total capacity of 900 people as well as a dining hall and a gallery floor.

General specifications and project volumes:

  • Main employer: Omid Nick Kish Co.
  • Employer Consultant: Bonsar consulting engineers
  • Construction contractor: Henza Co.
  • The weight of steel structure: 180 tons
  • Steel structure contractor: Zhivar Sanat Kanyar Co.
  • Contract issues: Completion of chaarsoo bazar steel structure
  • Contract closing date: 2013
  • Duration of contract: 2 months
  • Address: Chaarsoo mobile Center, Intersection of Hafez and Jomhouri, Tehran

  • Location:
  • Area:
  • Start ِDate:
    Saturday, 21 January 2012
  • Finish Date:
    Wednesday, 21 May 2014
  • Project Type: