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Interchanges of Isfahan East Bypass Freeway

One of the greatest projects of Isfahan Province is the construction of Isfahan East Bypass Freeway in 93 km to facilitate transportation at north-south axis. the implementation of interchanges within this freeway in the Ardestan, Habib Abad, Isfahan airport and Nain route was granted to this company.


General specifications and project volumes:

  • Main employer: Esfahan East bypass
  • Employer Consultant: Rahab consulting engineers
  • Construction contractor: Henza Co.
  • The weight of steel structure: 2500 Tons
  • Steel structure contractor: Zhivar Sanat Kanyar Co.
  • Contract issues: Procurement,  construction, steel deck set up and bridge handrails installation
  • Contract closing date: 2016
  • Duration of contract: 6 months
  • Address: beside Esfahan East bypass, Esfahan


  • Location:
  • Area:
  • Start ِDate:
    Tuesday, 13 December 2016
  • Finish Date:
    Tuesday, 13 December 2016
  • Project Type: